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We employ qualified surf instructors who have experience shredding waves all around the world. They use their experience and knowledge to give our students the highest quality surf lessons. Every morning, the team goes for the best surf spot according to the level of their students, where they will receive a two-hour practical instruction followed by two hours of the free surf. Guests can use the boards as much as desired, so there is the possibility to spend all day in the water.

What We Do

We take a logical, analytical approach which demystifies surfing, allowing people of all ages and abilities to get into the sport we love. You will never hear us offering ambiguous advice like ‘feel the rhythm of the wave,’ instead, we communicate specific body movements simply and concisely. Surfing can be broken down into specific skill sets which can be built on top of each other, accelerating progress and building confidence.

Our way of teaching

You’ll catch some fun waves during your stay, but our goal is to give you the building blocks and advice to continue improving your surfing independently. In every lesson, you’ll learn a specific skill but more importantly, you’ll know why you’re learning it. This means that a clear roadmap of drills and skills will unfold in front of you for you to continue progressing with.

Theory Lessons

There are a lot of things which are much easier to communicate with a white board, rather than in the water. So each day we have theory lessons covering every aspect of surfing including: swell forecasting; current rip; wind; board design; etiquette and judging, working on paddle technique, duck diving , turtle rolling and board agility.

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