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What to bring

Towel Beach towels are bulky and take longer to dry. Therefore, I highly recommend picking one or two microfiber travel towels. These have incredible absorptive power, are lightweight, and do not take up too much space. Plus, they dry very fast. Sunscreen Don’t go thinking that you need to pack sunscreen only when you travel to a sunny or tropical destination, like Bali or the Philippines. UV rays are everywhere, and they are merciless. Even when you’re surfing in a wetsuit, your face is still exposed. Do not underestimate the sun. Apply sunscreen, regardless of the weather. When it’s sunny, do not use anything under SPF 50. I recommend using a zinc-based sunscreen for both your face and body. It is usually thick and sticks to your skin. It is also visible on your body, making it easy to know when to reapply. First aid kit A first aid kit should always be on your packing checklist, regardless of the length of your stay. An open cut might not sound as tragic, but it can keep you out of the water. Your first aid kit should include the following: Bandages Antiseptics Water-resistant plasters Ear and eye drops Pain relievers Anti-inflammatory medication Medication […]

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Amsterdam to Agadir, Morocco for only €28 roundtrip

Cheap flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Agadir, Morocco for only €28 roundtrip. Please note, to get the advertised price you must book for a minimum of 2 passengers. DEPART:Amsterdam, Netherlands ARRIVE:Agadir, Morocco RETURN:Amsterdam, Netherlands DATES:Limited availability from January to February 2020 AIRLINE:Easyjet

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Cheap flights from German cities to Morocco from €17

Cheap flights from German cities to Morocco from only €17 roundtrip on with Ryanair. For Agadir, you can book a roundtrip flight for less than €40 to try Surf lessons in Taghazout.

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15 Genius ways to save space in your suitcase

You might all have a little giggle as we declare war on the unruly suitcase. Haven’t we all sat on our suitcases in desperation to just shut the bloomin’ thing? Or ‘panic packed’ two minutes before we leave for the airport – shoving in that additional pair of espadrilles (don’t make me choose between the red, white and pink)? Guest blogger Caroline Costello from Independent Traveler can restore your sanity with these 15 packing tips… Packing is a delicate blend of art and science. Rolling shirts so that they unfold with only the most subtle suggestion of a wrinkle is truly an art form. And on top of that, you need to pack everything you need for a trip in a way that meets the demands of airline baggage weight and size requirements – now that’s a science, and we’ve got the formula. Follow these 15 packing tips and learn how to save space in your suitcase. 1. DO YOUR LAUNDRY ON THE ROAD Travel-size bottles of laundry detergent are available at most Laundromats and drug stores. Alternatively buy an empty travel bottle and fill with stuff you have at home. Wash your clothes in the sink in your hotel room. Travel […]

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