Cheap flights from German cities to Morocco from €17

Cheap flights from German cities to Morocco from only €17 roundtrip on with Ryanair. For Agadir, you can book a roundtrip flight for less than €40 to try Surf lessons in Taghazout.

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Taghazout Surf Hostel has become Yalah Surf

We are proud to announce that we are changing our trade mark from Taghazout surf hostel to Yalah Surf (Let’s go surf). Our business has undergone a significant transformation in past few years. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what our original trademark stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the maturity, accessibility, and simplicity of our service, making “Yalah Surf” the cornerstone of our branding in the area. In keeping things simple we will not be changing the logo, just continuing to deliver great value services that satisfy your expectations time after time. We will continue to lead the company forward. Weekly, daily packages and prices remain the same. May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to delivering excellent surf experience with this new branding. Sincerely, Yass

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How to choose the perfect waves for beginner surfing

Surfing is hard enough as it is. Not only do you have to balance and turn on the board, you have to learn to position yourself, paddle correctly, drop in, and pop up on moving waves just to get to the riding part. It’s like trying to snowboard on a moving mountain or skateboard on a moving street. Choosing the wrong place to begin can be the difference between loving and hating surfing. Most surf schools will take you to a proper spot, but if you go out on your own follow the suggestions below: The right place to begin is in the white wash. Find a beach break with a sandy bottom and paddle out to where the waves have already broken and get accustom to trying to stand on the moving white wash. This video illustrates the point The wrong place to begin is in the lineup with other surfers. You are going to be a hilarious mess the first time and don’t need the added hassle of trying to stay out of everyone’s way. You will make it out there eventually, but not until you’re comfortable paddling, standing up and leaning into a turn without falling. What […]

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Experiencing Surf in Taghazout for the very first time

Goodbye cold, rainy and grey Germany; Morocco, here I come!
Getting out of the airplane, having that slight smell of saltwater and summer in my nose, feeling the light warm breeze in my face makes me realize: I actually managed to escape from the winter.

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Surfing in taghazout what to expect

Your first time surfing in taghazout should be a learning experience and  not a surfing pro session. You will fall, you will taste salt water and it will feel a bit awkward. Some people stand up their first time surfing in Taghazout, others don’t, no matter what happens don’t let it discourage you because everyone is different. Our surf instructor will really help you with the surf  lessons in taghazout and you can also check how we teach surf lessons. If you make it past your first day surfing in Taghazout and take some time to let is all sink it, you will eventually progress and get better as the days and weeks go on we teach with ISA model so 5 days surfing lessons and the 6th is improvement day or we do a day trip to Paradise valley. Surfing isn’t a sport like Snowboarding or Skateboarding because the terrain is constantly changing underneath you (unless snowboarding in an avalanche). Some waves will look small at first and then open up to seem like monsters, while others will start off huge and then seem to just die off and disappear. Some waves will crash immediately while others seem to […]

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Europe and Morocco, Taghazout hurricane strike

This hurricane season has been no joke. Sure, surfers have scored, but there have been direct hits and significant damage. Despite this, you’d probably put Ireland on a list of places that really, really doesn’t need to expect a Hurricane. Not so today. Ophelia is heading that way. It’s already generating significant surf and it could make landfall in Ireland early next week*.

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