7, Taghazout Centre, Taghazout, Morocco
Surfing in taghazout what to expect
Surfing in taghazout what to expect

What to expect

Your first time surfing in taghazout should be a learning experience and  not a surfing pro session. You will fall, you will taste salt water and it will feel a bit awkward. Some people stand up their first time surfing in Taghazout, others don’t, no matter what happens don’t let it discourage you because everyone is different. Our surf instructor will really help you with the surf  lessons in taghazout and you can also check how we teach surf lessons.
Surf in taghazout

Surf lessons

If you make it past your first day surfing in Taghazout and take some time to let is all sink it, you will eventually progress and get better as the days and weeks go on we teach with ISA model so 5 days surfing lessons and the 6th is improvement day or we do a day trip to Paradise valley. Surfing isn’t a sport like Snowboarding or Skateboarding because the terrain is constantly changing underneath you (unless snowboarding in an avalanche). Some waves will look small at first and then open up to seem like monsters, while others will start off huge and then seem to just die off and disappear. Some waves will crash immediately while others seem to go on for days. It will feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure when to go and when not to but our surf instructor will be there during the surf lesson to guide when to go or not to go and even pull you sometimes if your paddling is weak! This is what surfing is about, taking in your surroundings and learning from it. Watch the other surfers, see how they react and where they position themselves. Watch the waves, try to figure out where they’re breaking and which direction they are going.

It will not come immediately, but you will get the hang of it, and it will become a big part of you.

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